Academic Monitoring Committee Members- 2019-20

Sr. No. Name of Members Designation
1 Dr. K.R. Khandelwal Principal (Chairman)
2 Mrs. Priya Rodge- Rangari Academic Incharge -UG
3 Mr. Krishnakumar Lone Exam Incharge
4 Ms. Pranali Alkutkar F.Y. Class Teacher
5 Ms. Vinita Patole S.Y. Class Teacher
6 Mrs. Asawari Pachauri T.Y. Class Teacher
7 Mrs. Nilima Chaudhari Final Year Class Teacher
8 Dr. Ashlesha Pandit Academic Incharge -PG
9 Dr. Prashant Ghode First Year M. Pharm. Class Teacher
10 Dr. Atul Sayare Second Year M. Pharm. Class Teacher

Functions of Academic Monitoring Committee A.Y. 2019-20:

  1. To monitor the teaching methodology and make suggestions for improvement.

  2. To check faculty adherence to Academic Calendar &teaching plan.

  3. To encourage faculty members on the use of modern teaching aids/ ICT tools to enhance students learning.

  4. To monitor use of student centered approaches such as participative learning, experiential learning and collaborative learning in teaching learning process.

  5. To monitor timely completion of syllabus.

  6. To implement quality policies framed by IQAC in teaching learning process.
  7. To analyze student’s feedback and propose corrective actions and suggestions related to curriculum design and teacher quality.

  8. To get feedback about inclusion of various enrichment programmes and value added courses required for holistic development of students.

  9. To monitor efforts taken by faculty for improving student progression rate.

Anti-Ragging Committee

As per the UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher education institutes under section 26(1) (g) 17th July 2009. Rajarshi Shahu College of Pharmacy & Research, Tathawade, and Pune-33 has constituted Anti-Ragging Committee & Anti-Ragging Squad with following members.

Anti-Ragging Committee Members
Sr.No. Name of the Committee Member Designation Phone Number
1 Dr. K.R.Khandelwal Principal 9822037623
2 Prof. Suvarna Vanjari Teacher 9850092249
3 Dr. Rajendra Patil Teacher 9096697510
4 Mr. Chavan Sanit Vitthal Office supreindentent 7588609618
5 Ms. Gauri Lende Fresher Student 7517907864
6 Mr. Shreyas Mahajan Fresher Student 7218375079
7 Mr.Paras Doshi Senior Student 9922333006
8 Ms.Payal Kaitkar Senior Student 8485054213
Anti-Ragging Squad Members
Sr.No. Name of the Committee Member Designation Phone Number
1 Mr. Ravi Sawant Campus Administrative Officer 9763666666
2 Mr. More Arun Hostel Warden 9763722038
3 Mrs.Kavita Jadhav Office superintendent 8308806087
4 Mr. Ganesh Kalyani Lab.Assistant 9762811146
5 Mr. Gore Dattatraya Head of Campus Security 9689948203

College Development Committee

Composition of College Development Committee as per Maharashtra Public University Act 2016 (Section 97 (1)) Designation Members of College Development Committee
Chairperson of the Management or his nominee ex-officio chairperson Chairman Hon.Dr.T.J.Sawant
Secretary of the Management or his nominee Member Dr. Ravi Joshi
One Head of the Department (HOD), to be nominated by the Principal or Head of the Institution. Member Prof. Anil Tankar
Three teachers in the college or recognized institution, elected by the full-time amongst themselves out of whom at least one shall be woman Member Dr. Ashlesha Pandit
Member Prof. Nilima Chaudhari
Member Prof. Yogesh Wagh
One Non-Teaching employee, elected by regular non-teaching staff from amongst themselves. Member Mrs. Kanchan Halgekar
Four local members, nominated by the management in consultation with the Principal from the fields of education, industry, research and social service of whom at least one shall be alumnus. Member Mrs. Devika Tilekar
Member Dr. Rahul Bhadre
Member Dr. Pradeep Nalawade
Member Mr. Akshay Nahar
Coordinator – Internal Quality Assurance committee of the college. (IQAC) Member Prof. Priya Rodge
President and Secretary of the College Students Council Member Sachin Omase
Member Deepika Kumbhar
Principal of the college or head of institution Member Secretary Dr. K.R.Khandelwal

Cultural Committee

Principal Dr. K R Khandelwal
Incharge Faculty Prof.Trupti Deshpande

Student Representative List

Year Student representative
M.Pharm Rajanigandha Gaikwad
Sagar Kumbhar
Final Year Ninad Sutar
Akansha Wakhare
Third Year Deepika Kumbhar
Jeevan Deshmukh
Second Year Nausheen Bare
Sidhant Bandekar
First Year Aishwarya Patil
Varunraj Gharge

Committee for Publication of e-News Letter

College has taken the opportunity of publishing e-news letter quarterly, which comprises the intra-mural events, technical innovations or activities conducted/participated by rajarshi shahu college of pharmacy and research, tathawade.

The committee members for academic year 2018-19 are as follows;

Chairman : Dr. K.R.Khandelwal, Principal, JSPMs, RSCOPR.

Chief Editor : Prof. Nilima A. Chaudhari

Co-Editor: Prof. Suvarna Vanjari.

Member: Mrs. Kanhopatra S. Kadam

Student Representatives: Mr.Rahul Yadav [B.Pharm],  Ms.Kajal Darshale [M.Pharm].

Publisher: JSPMs, Rajarshi Shahu College of Pharmacy and Research, Tathawade.


Rajarshi Shahu College of Pharmacy and Research has constituted The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) according to ‘The Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013’. Along with this Act, the ICC seeks to adhere to the spirit of Vishakha guidelines preceding this legislation in order to address the issue of sexual harassment at workplace for ensuring gender equality. The ICC aims to look into the complaints of sexual harassment in the establishment and also to generate awareness about the issue.


The Internal Complaint Committee is an educational resource as well as a complaint redressal mechanism for the members of faculty, staff and students of the institute. Its mandates are:

  • To provide a neutral, confidential and supportive environment for members of the campus community who may have been sexually harassed

  • To advice complainants of means of resolution as specified by the legislation

  • To ensure fair and timely resolution of sexual harassment complaints

  • To provide counseling and support services on campus

  • To ensure that students, faculty and staff are provided with current and comprehensive materials on sexual harassment

  • To promote awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that encourages and fosters a respectful and safe campus environment.

The Members of Internal Complaint Committee

Sr. No. Name of the committee Member Designation in committee
1 Prof. Suvarna S. Vanjari Chairman (Chairperson)
2 Mr. Jaipal J. Rodge Member (Legal Advisor)
3 Dr. Mrs. M. M. Puri Member (Ex-Officio Member)
4 Prof. Priya Rodge Member (Teaching Faculty representative)
5 Mrs. Kanchan C. Halgekar Office Superintendent
6 Mr. Sachin Omase Student
7 Miss. Raskar Nikita Student


Sr. No. Name of the committee Member Designation in committee
1 Anil T. Tankar (Teaching faculty- OBC) (Chairman)
2 Priya K. Rangari          (Teaching faculty- SC) (Member)
3 Vrushali Kakad           (Teaching faculty- NT) (Member)
4 Krishnakumar Lone  (Teaching faculty – SC) (Member)
5 Chhaya B. Gaikwad (Non-teaching faculty – OBC) (Member)


Student council, a representative body composed chiefly of students chosen by their classmates to organize social and extracurricular activities. The student council helps share students‘ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and principal. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out college activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to college spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body.

Name of Member Designation
Dr.K.R.Khandelwal (Principal) Chairman
Prof.Anil N.Tankar (Associate Professor) Member (N.S.S. Programme officer)
Prof.Rajendra B.Patil (Assistant Professor) Member (Student Welfare officer)
Mr.Omase Sachin Bhimrao Secretary (Student Representative)
Mr.Doshi Paras Member (Student Representative)B.Pharm-I
Mr.Deshmukh Jeevan Member (Student Representative)B.Pharm-II
Ms.Deepika Kumbhar Member (Student Representative)B.Pharm-III
Ms.Divase Shradha Member (Student Representative)B.Pharm-IV
Mr. Kathole Akash Member (Student Representative)Sports
Mr. Ghopal Aniket Jising Member (Student Representative) N.S.S.
(Reserved Category )
Mr. Sagar Kumbhar Member(Student Representative)Cultural Activities
Ms.Darshale Mamata Member (Lady Student) (Reserved Category)
Ms.Jagadale Durga Akhok Member (Lady Student)

Student Grievance Redressal Committee

Sr. no. Name of Committee Member Profession e-mail & contact no. Designation
1 Dr. A. P. Pandit Asso. Prof.
2 Prof.K.D.Lone Asso. Prof.
3 Prof. A. N. Tankar Asso. Prof.
4 Prof. Priya Rodge Asst.Prof.
4 Prof. Rajendra B. Patil Asst.Prof.
5 Prof. S. S. Vanjari Asst.Prof.
6 Mrs.Randive Vaishali Asst.Prof
7 Mr. Sachin Omase Senior Student
8 Dr. A. P. Pandit Asso. Prof.