JSPM's Rajarshi Shahu College of Pharmacy and Research, Tathawade, Pune

Survey No.80, Pune-Mumbai Bypass Highway, (Katraj Dehu road Highway) Tathawade, Pune- 411 033
Affiliated To Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Projects Sanctioned by SPPU

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Minor Research Projects Sanctioned by SPPU

Name of Principal Investigator Duratio n of Project Title of Research Project Amount Received Year of Sanction Department of Recipient
Dr K. R. Khandelwal 2 years Standardization of Ayurvedic dosage forms obtained by
heat treatment by modern analytical methods.
200000 2008-09 Pharmacognosy
Mrs. Anindita Bhowmick 2 years Development of simple, economical and accurate analytical methods for estimation of various active pharmaceutical ingredients in bulk as well as pharmaceutical formulations and validation of the same
compliant with international guidance.
150,000 2008-09 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mr. Anil N. Tankar 2 years Evaluation and application of natural mucilages as Excipient in pharmaceutical dosage forms 100000 2009-10 Pharmacognosy
Mr. Pravin S. Borhade 2 years To evaluate the Tyrosinase inhibiting activity of some
Herbal and development of herbal cosmetic formulation for treatment of skin hyper-pigmentation.
300,000 2009-10 Pharmacognosy
Mrs. Priya Rodge-Rangari 2 years Formulation and evaluation of taste masked, orally disintegrating tablets of Ondansetron using a novel
200,000 2009-10 Pharmaceutics
Mr. Deshbandhu Pachauri 2 years Preclinical evaluation of Euphorbia hirta and Ficus religiosa as anti-asthamatic herbs. 200,000 2009-10 Pharmacology
Dr. Deepali Bansode 2 years Synthesis and pharmacological screening of cyclodextrin conjugates of Phenylpropanoic and phenylacetic acid
derivatives- A prodrug approach.
200,000 2009-10 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mrs. Nilima A. Chaudhari 2 years Formulation and evaluation of coated tablets to target the anticancer drug to colon using a natural polysaccharides
(natural gums) as carriers.
200,000 2009-10 Pharmaceutics
Mr. Rajendra B. Patil 2 years Synthesis and antimicrobial screening of some acetoazide chromane 2-one derivatives 200,000 2009-10 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mrs Asawari D.Pachauri 2 years Development of simple, economical and accurate stability indicating analytical method for estimation of various pharmaceutical ingredients in bulk as well as in pharmaceutical formulations and validation as per ICH
211000 2012-13 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ms.Vinita C. Patole 2 years Formulation and evaluation of Buccal drug delivery for oil 200,000 2012-13 Pharmaceutics
Mrs. Suvarna S.Vanjari 2years Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for estimation of bulk drug and its dosage form 210000 2012-13 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mr.Krishna D.Lone 2 years Formulation and Evaluation of Probiotic Tablets containing Anti-inflammatory Drug 140,000 2013-14 Pharmaceutics
Dr.Ashlesha Pandit 2 Years Formulation of Eco-friendly Medicated Chewing Gum to
Improve Patient Compliance
240,000 2014-15 Pharmaceutics
Dr.Atul Sayare 2 Years Synthesis and Evaluation of Polymeric prodrugs of
metronidazole for colon Targetting.
160,000 2014-15 Pharmaceutical
Mr.Anil Tankar 2 Years Anti-insect properties of some medicinal plants 140000 2014-15 Pharmacognosy
Ms.Vinita Patole 2 Years Formulation and Evaluation of Periodontal insitu gel 170000 2016-17 Pharmaceutics
Ms.Priya Rodge 2 Years Formulation and Evaluation of orally disintegrating tablet
of Rizatryptan benzoate using novel superdisintegrate
50,000 2016-17 Pharmaceutics